What is "arm-pump"?

What is "arm-pump"?

If you’ve ever experienced arm-pump, you know it. That awkward cramping sensation in your forearms that causes you to lose strength throughout your whole forearm, hands, and fingers? Because of this dreaded feeling, some riders generally have to slow or stop their ride as they can no longer use their clutch, throttle, or break effectively.  

This irritating issue occurs when riders grip the handlebars and go over bumpy terrains. Holding onto the handlebars vigorously causes the forearm to receive an intense workout. The forearm muscle is indicating it needs more blood and oxygen but since it needs such an excessive amount and because the rider is usually contracting every muscle in their arms, it causes both of these muscle-important elements to become “blocked” or “trapped” in your forearms. As more and more blood and oxygen is flowed into the forearm, it builds up pressure. This is why many riders feel like their arms are going to “pop.” 

Some people experience it much worse than others, and this depends on an array of genetic, dietary, or skill factors, and unfortunately, most riders will experience this type of pain at some point in their career.

One of the main objectives of our PRELOAD supplement was to help reduce the arm-pump you experience. Multiple ingredients were included to make sure we addressed this situation among our fellow riders.

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