How to keep up with the kids

I often hear parents, mom’s specifically, talk about how they are having a hard time keeping up with theirchild-2029513_640 kids. They are tired, fatigued and are plain just stressed out after working all day and taking care of everyone. So what is it that changes when we have kids? Why is mom’s body breaking down?

Mom’s Body Post-Pregnancy

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Our future…

child-89208_1920Have you looked at the current health status of our children? Are you worried about it? If you are then this post is for you.

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BO. Body Odor. Pits. Smelly Pits. Oh My!!

Why? Oh why do my pits stink?skunk-1239764_640

What is BO? Where does body odor come from? Why do we have to deal with our pits? Much less smelly pits! What is it about these things that makes us run or want to hide or shut that off faster than a leaky faucet?  The good news, the more you know the more you can do something about this. So,  let’s do a little rundown on body mechanics and the stuff we slather on our smelly areas once or sometimes twice a day. (If it’s more than that…seriously, make an appointment already.)

A simple google search reveals that most people are wondering why do your armpits sweat, burn, smell, sweat so much, smell bad etc.  Let’s start with “why do your armpits sweat.” Simply, they sweat because of the glands in your armpits and groin and on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. When the sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin, it can produce an odor, which may be stronger in some people than others.”

Okay…Keep up with me.

The glands that are located in your armpits are part of your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system assists the body in fighting infections and transportation of white blood cells, removing toxins, and transporting fats from the digestive system. The sweat glands that are located in the skin (all over the body) assist in regulating our temperature.

Now that you have a little understanding of what is happening in your pits, I’ll share my stinky pit story with you.

I don’t recall at what point it was growing up but I started to notice that I had smelly pits. Things definitely escalated in high school when I started playing more sports. Physical activity and of course, you are going to sweat. But the stink, oh my! Where did that smell come from? It was never relayed to me in such a way that I was able to put together that the reason my pits stank was because I was “dirty.” I say “dirty” in the sense that the micro biome of my body was out of balance. I’ve learned that as I continue to eat healthy that my body tends to not stink. I’m just a bit envious of those people who comment that they never wear anything. I mean really?!?!?! But, it is possible! I’ve come close a few times but I haven’t hit that level quite yet and if my diet isn’t in line or I’m extra stressed or my body is out of balance, the smell returns.

Along the way, I’ve learned quite a few things about deodorant, health and the ingredients that they put into our most beloved brands.

The first thing to doshells-1984293_640

The first ingredient to avoid is Aluminum. Aluminum is a toxic metal that builds up the body and leads to brain damage, nerve damage and cancer. Aluminum is found in your most common/popular brands.

So what now? There are so many options available. The trick is finding what works for you. I’ve had awesome luck making my own. I like the coconut oil variety. Three ingredients and super simple to whip-up.

The first deodorant I used was Mountain Fresh from Whole Foods. As I learned more and more about lake-865155_640ingredients, I decided I wanted something even cleaner. I’ve seen some people use the rock crystals with great luck and there is a store here in Maplewood, Maven, that makes some wonderfully scented options. A client introduced me to Herbalix. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out yet but I’m excited to hear about her experience with it.

What have you done to try to control your stinky pits? Bonus points if it improves health!

Post your favorites in the comments below!

Nourishing Bone Broth-How to

Nourishing Bone Broth

Bone broth is your most basic and nourishing food.  There is a lot of information in the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. There is even an entire book devoted to broth.

There are also many blogs if you feel like looking for others or prefer internet links. Be sure to type “nourishing” in front of bone broth recipes to find ones that are done optimally. There is always controversy out there on ways to do it but these are the easiest I have found. If you run into histamine issues, etc then please check out…http://www.lovingourguts.com/gaps-basics-basic-bone-broth-tutorial-why-and-how-2/.

The basic recipe….

Chicken Broth

2 packages of organic, free-range chicken legs from Trader Joe’s (Or other chicken bones)
1 onion
2-4 carrots, chopped
1/2 bunch of celery chopped

Before Starting: cook the chicken legs as you prefer…roast in the oven, on the stove, etc. Remove the meat, reserve for eating. Save the bones, joints and skin for the broth pot.

Place all the ingredients in a crock pot. This is the one I currently use. I like that it switches over to warm if I am not home. 

Cover with fresh, filtered water. Just cover the veggies and bones…unless you want to drink it. You are diluting the nutrients with more water but then you have more to drink. If I am cooking with it, I prefer a more concentrated broth.
I currently use the Berkey system to remove most toxins. I also utilize the Flouride/Arsenic filters as I wish to remove the fluoride from my water. (PS Flouride is also in a few of the ADHD meds and was used by the Nazi’s in the concentration camps to keep people mellow. No Thanks!) www.berkeyfilters.com

Set the timer for 4 hours on high.

Once the broth is done, skim the veggies and discard. Drain the broth and save the bones. This is your first batch!

Cut new veggies. Add veggies, bones and new water to the crockpot. Cook for 6 hours. Remove broth. This is batch 2!

You can try for a third batch…I don’t like to drink it but it is suitable for cooking. Your choice.

You can now use the broth for cooking and drinking. You can also freeze it. I like to use the mold’s available at AmberSky so they are in convenient sizes.