How to keep up with the kids

I often hear parents, mom’s specifically, talk about how they are having a hard time keeping up with theirchild-2029513_640 kids. They are tired, fatigued and are plain just stressed out after working all day and taking care of everyone. So what is it that changes when we have kids? Why is mom’s body breaking down?

Mom’s Body Post-Pregnancy

It’s amazing to me how many people take the changes that come with pregnancy as a fact of life and have the mindset that decreased health and stamina after child birth is normal. While many people realize that “hey, mom just grew a baby for 9 months.” What they don’t realize is the nervous system changes that go along with said pregnancy.

Have you ever wondered why most thyroid conditions typically don’t show until after childbirth? Or, why is she extra crazy now? I’m not talking about the hormonal changes that go along with the body’s return to it’s pre-pregnancy state. I’m talking about when years later mom is still a bit more off her rocker than before baby.

Think about this

Are you familiar with meridians or energy pathways? Massage therapists and acupuncturists use these on a regular basis to open the bodies ability to heal itself. Our bodies are amazing in the redundancy of pathways. From meridians to reflexology to auricular acupuncture to iridology, just to name a few.

So a very common occurrence after childbirth is disruption in the main meridian that follows along the midline of your body. If you gave birth via c-section there can be a disruption in 3 energy pathways! No wonder mom feels a bit off kilter!

Demanding Schedulesgirl-1940244_640

Couple changes in the body’s pathways with the demanding schedules of taking care of everyone, preparing food, laundry, taking care of the house, for some – employment, the kid’s activities, taxi service, educating her children, spiritual enlightenment, physical exercise of her own body, add in pets, husband and friends and the whole thing can be a bit daunting and then trying to keep up with all of this when our bodies aren’t cooperating….recipe for disaster. It’s quite the task to keep everything going and mom could sure use all the help she can get, don’t you think?

What now?

Learn what is happening in your own body so you can make the most of your resources and energy in creating a happier and healthier mom. So often we take out our frustrations on those around us because we don’t feel all that great. Do your kids deserve that? Does your husband? What about your friends?

I love hearing stories of clients becoming happier. Of husbands noting that the wife is happier and more engaged. I love seeing grandma being able to play with her grandkids again.

Making changes to your lifestyle may not be something you are interested in. This is what my parents did and that is good enough for me. I get that. But…what if you could have more? Do you think your parents would want for you to learn and grow or just do what they did?

In talking with my own mother and working with her on a program and discussing the changes it often comes up that, “This is what we knew.”

The Challenge

So my challenge to you, go out and learn about living a healthier lifestyle. Seek out health. You could join the a mlm that is creating health (I have a few I really like & some not so much). Start talking about ways of creating health. Make a date night out with friends to explore cleaning products, essential oils, coffee or what not! Invite your local nutritionist or chiropractor over to your house to share information on starting the journey. BE OPENMINDED to trying something new. If something doesn’t quite make sense to you, do your own research. There are so many options and one is not perfect for all but finding one that works for you and is better then where you have been is a blessing to everyone.

If you are ready to find out what is happing inside of your own body, schedule your own initial consult, exam and report of findings. Mention MOM when scheduling to get 75% off. (Returning clients can utilize 75% off of a follow-up.) Coupon’s are good for…mom’s only and expire May 31st.

Dr. Sarah Wilmsmeyer

Dr. Sarah Wilmsmeyer

Sarah Wilmsmeyer, PharmD, health advocate, truth seeker, mom, business owner and networker.

I’ve always been about helping people. But, fast forward to 2009, I wasn’t taking care of myself so well. I had chronic neck and back issues. My digestion was a mess and I was experiencing chronic bloating. We also couldn’t get pregnant. I also had frequent headaches.

The past 7 years have been a journey of healing and helping others find similar wins. Check out the Success Stories page, Facebook, Google and Yelp to read about others who are winning utilizing the same methods that allowed me to get pregnant, maintain an adjustment, relieve chronic back and neck issues and expand my health to heights I did not know where possible.

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