Superfood Turmeric!

One Little Thing...Turmeric Root, fermented! I'm not sure why but my son has been playing with the jar of Turmeric spice lately and I wasn't sure why. He would roll it around and say, "Look mommy, look at all the cracks." He was watching the … [Continue reading]

At least I did it? Right?

fermented appleasauce

Well, we all know we should probably be doing things to handle our diet and our gut health, right? I know I could be doing more. I'm working to prevent future disease that has affected my family already. So what is one thing you could do to make … [Continue reading]

Eat Your Veggies and Your Probiotics Too!!!

What is all of the talk about probiotics really about? Why are probiotics so important? All I hear about these days is gut health (or maybe not). Have you ever had that gut instinct to do or not do something? Have you ever experienced the pain and … [Continue reading]

BO. Body Odor. Pits. Smelly Pits. Oh My!!

Why? Oh why do my pits stink? What is BO? Where does body odor come from? Why do we have to deal with our pits? Much less smelly pits! What is it about these things that makes us run or want to hide or shut that off faster than a leaky faucet?  The … [Continue reading]

Nourishing Bone Broth-How to

Nourishing Bone Broth Bone broth is your most basic and nourishing food.  There is a lot of information in the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. There is even an entire book devoted to broth. There are also many blogs if you feel like … [Continue reading]

How I can help you? How you can help me?

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me realize and put into words my passions. Without your insights, it may have taken me a very long time to figure things out. Second, Thank you to those who have made this transition easier. … [Continue reading]

Exciting Changes Taking Place

It's always a little exciting as one decides to make changes so bare with me as I figure things out.  And, to keep everyone in the loop, I've decided to write a few posts so everyone can follow along. My life has recently been undergoing a lot of … [Continue reading]

Learn More About Dr. Sarah Wilmsmeyer

My name is Dr. Sarah Wilmsmeyer, and I used to be a pharmacist. However, a few years ago, I was introduced to nutritional response testing, and I realized that helping people get healthy is where my true passions lie. Rather than go on and on about … [Continue reading]

Put a full stop to snoring-causes, symptoms and treatments for snoring

Many people in the world are faced by the problem of snoring. Majority think that snoring is a male problem not knowing that there are also some women who snore though rare. Snoring is the hoarse sound one produces while sleeping which is caused by … [Continue reading]

Things women should do to reduce heart disease

Heart disease remains one of the world’s most serious problems in our modern society, with almost twice as many women at risk compared to men. While we do know that exercise is vital to keeping our hearts healthy, for women this is not always as … [Continue reading]