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How to have fun in the sun!

It's that time of year where we head out into the sun to enjoy outdoor barbecues, swimming, vacations and sun bathing. If you are anything like me, I grew up spending my summers at the pool. There are quite a few summers I recall being so super dark … [Continue reading]

Nourishing Homemade Chocolate

What is it about nourishing homemade chocolate that sends me over the edge? Or maybe I should just say chocolate for that matter. This is one indulgence that I have that has been with me for the longest. Chocolate has been a part of my sweet tooth … [Continue reading]

How to keep up with the kids

I often hear parents, mom's specifically, talk about how they are having a hard time keeping up with their kids. They are tired, fatigued and are plain just stressed out after working all day and taking care of everyone. So what is it that changes … [Continue reading]

Why do I have allergies?

I just googled this question and the results are "The exact causes of allergy symptoms are still being investigated. However, it is known that these are due to immune system pathways that lead to … [Continue reading]

Our future…

Have you looked at the current health status of our children? Are you worried about it? If you are then this post is for you. … [Continue reading]

Are you a past client? We have some questions…

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It’s Girl Scout Crack….Cookie Time!

It's that time of year. The Girl Scouts have come out and everyone is clamoring to get their crack…oh, I mean cookies. No, they really are a bit like crack! They are just as addictive. Think about how you crave them. You hide them. You can never eat … [Continue reading]