Nutrition response testing

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition response testing also called Functional Medicine and similar to Applied Kinesiology is an accurate, specific and non-invasive approach of testing, evaluating and fixing nutritional imbalances in the body.

This technology also acquires important information about physical function from the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic describes something that happens involuntarily. Physical functions like digestive systems, immune response, eye blinking, hormone regulation and heart and breathing rates are controlled by the ANS. There are 2 controls:

1. Sympathetic

2. Parasympathetic

Regard our body’s accelerator as sympathetic control and brake as parasympathetic control.  These systems work effectively when our bodies are healthy and in balance. The sympathetic controls when we are energetic while the parasympathetic when we are taking rest.

These regulators are liable for healthy performance, including our capacity to recover. It is when there is an imbalance, clog or obstruction that we experience symptoms such as allergic reactions, indigestion, hypertension, persistent pain, headaches and so forth. These imbalances can be remedied securely, naturally and successfully by accessing the ANS.

The 3-p method and five stressors

3-p describes how the Nutrition Response Testing technique is personalized, powerful and painless. This proven technique permits us to properly identify exactly what stands in the way between you and improved health.

Generally, you will be tested for the following five stressors with Nutrition Response Testing:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Chemical challenges
  • Metal challenges
  • Scars
  • Immune challenges

These stressors can prevent your body from recovering. Many of you have actually experienced this without maybe realizing it. Nutrition Response Testing enables the specialist to check you by making use of the “stressors” to disclose and then eliminate these obstacles.

Once those are handled the rest of your organs are checked. Then the priority reflex is figured out. This step is important to Nutrition Response Testing.

The outcome is a customized health enhancement program that resolves your body’s imbalances and fixes its operation. Our objectives are two-fold: accomplishing great health and feeling good.

Accessing ANS

We use a standardized kind of applied kinesiology, generally known as muscle testing. In the hands of experts, this very dependable technique of analysis offers the practitioner vital details about your body’s requirements for sound health. Book reading and medical experience, which are the total amount of theoretical and informed knowledge, can help us get near to what may be needed to identify the solution to your health problems.

However what distinguishes Nutrition Response Testing from various other treatment approaches is the important information acquired from the body itself or, as we state, accessing the body’s innate intelligence in order to discover the accurate answers to your health problems.

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